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Moab Utah Rafting


| August 28, 2018

From beginning to end, this Moab, Utah rafting trip was a terrific experience. The most beautiful views in the world!

The high point though had to be the Western River Guides we had. They all had sooo much energy, were very confident, in charge and helpful in all ways. They were also very entertaining as they sang, danced, chanted, set up games for the kids.

We had never camped before and let me be clear, this is camping. I also brought my son who is a celiac (gluten free) and his food was prepped like it was no big deal and never ever had an issue which by itself is incredible.

I am a fan of these guys and this trip is a must experience especially for those of us that are used to the Four Seasons, this is a trip we won't forget! For a non - camper type, I might have to convert!

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day
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