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Must Go – if you are thinking about a Grand Canyon River Rafting experience – this is the group to go with!


| November 7, 2016

From the moment we left Lee's Ferry it was clear that safety was a priority, and your fears will be allayed on the first day as you ease into the rapids. Pictures alone cannot capture the beauty and spirit of the Grand Canyon, as you drift along enjoying the company and the views on this 188 mile 6-day trip.

The hikes allowed for a variety of adventure, taking us scrambling and walking to many 'hidden' places of beauty.

The comradarie and delicious group meals (taking into consideration all dietary restrictions) will amaze you - how is it that you can have 5-star meals (including steak, caprese salad, home made cake, ice cream and other delicious treats) from a camp kitchen?

The miracle working guides are multi-talented, able to ensure that the mood and physical needs of everyone in the group are met. A highlight of the adventure for me was Scott (and Travis) singing in Blacktail Canyon, strumming their guitars - the tears of joy on many faces, and how we felt, was a memory that will sustain me for a long time. There is peace and beauty in this world - go seek it out! You will LOVE this adventure! Special thanks to Scott for 'driving' the raft safely. To Latimer - your encyclopedic memory (yes, it's true) and knowledge (of river stories, the spots we passed, and the geographical wonder of the GC) were well appreciated as the scientists in our group (including me) admired your knowledge and accuracy, and ability to describe what was coming at just the right time (including the rapids and their ratings)! To Travis - thanks for leading this rowdy bunch, the pee cups are officially a hit with the ladies (a lid/cover for the cups would be nice for the night-time). To Kurt - through thick and thin you were there for us, to lend a hand when we needed to pass a tricky spot, and to work with your team to get us through! THANK YOU to all of you!

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