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Our Grand Canyon Trip Leader Was a Hero.


| June 25, 2010

The information we received for our Grand Canyon Rafting Trip was excellent. We had not taken a trip like this before. The list of items/clothes to take was perfect. We had everything we needed.

Safety and preparation was excellent. Our guides were thorough about what was to happen and how to handle it.They were courteous and fun and obviously knew what they were doing.

Our highest regards to Craig Lutke. The last full day we tied up to go hiking. Two other outfitters were tied up also. Craig came back to the raft early. One of the women from another group fell from the rocks, ended up with no life jacket in the river in midst of rapids. She floated by 4 other rafts from other outfitters. They were unable to grab her. Craig grabbed and put on his life jacket while running to and across our raft, grabbed the safety cushion and made a flying leap into the water just as she was passing by. He landed within 5 feet of her. At that time the only thing left of her was one hand out of the water. Craig rescued her and held on until another raft and her guides could get to her. He is truly a hero. We were all very proud of him and happy to know he was our trip leader. He should be commended highly for his actions.

Alton - Milton, FL
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip - 6 Days
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