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Our guides on our Grand Canyon rafting trip were perfect.


| August 23, 2010

Mark Pearce's team were so superbly complementary: Mark and Lindsey (great to have a woman along--and she proved herself admirably since she physically saved one of our group who himself was a physical phenomenan,but who got thrown in front of the boat during the Hermit Rapids. Wren (young, speedy and full of energy) who ran ropes/live jackets over bolders going top speed on flipflops when the message came about a flash flood to save a group of teenagers who were hiking. Andy, seasoned, full of experience, wisdom and humor. He provided the anchor which just meant everything was perfect. Thanks so much to all of them for making our Grand Canyon rafting trip so great!

Although this was a demanding trip, with the average age of 58, we were totally surrounded by competent experienced guides--great food and service--always friendly and without ANY attitude to us "seniors" and our limitations. They were always there with a discrete helping hand. Thanks again!

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