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Rafting the Grand Canyon


| June 14, 2018

In addition to the fun and excitement of the usual Western River Expedition trip we had a nightly photography workshop that was organized by Royce Bair. This made both days and nights very interesting and exciting.

Our trip leader Mark (MP) was unbelievably skilled. We felt safe and in control even in the most difficult rapids. The force was clearly with him as he guided the craft through very challenging waters. Thanks Mark!!! Our co-pilot (swamper) Parker was very fun to spend time with as he shared his deep knowledge of the Grand Canyon. We all learned to appreciate those who had traveled the canyon before us. Parker also had the amazing ability to dart around the boat in the middle of the most difficult rapids as he rescued people who had lost their grip and position, especially in the front of the boat. When we ventured out on hikes and visits to waterfalls Mark and Parker worked tirelessly to make sure everyone was safe and made it back to the boat in good shape.

The food was excellent including the cowboy coffee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were prepared with care and we had a very good variety of dishes over the week. The captains dinner the last night blew everyone away, thanks MP and Parker!

It is very hard to put a value on a memory this unique and special. The Grand Canyon is a magical place and our hosts made it possible to experience and enjoy a bit of that magic. Thanks!!!

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