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Rafting the Grand Canyon


| October 19, 2017

I just got back from rafting the Grand Canyon on a 3-day trip. The whole thing is easy and relaxing and wonderful. The Grand Canyon is amazing and beautiful. The part that got me was the amazing guides. We had 2 boats and 4 guides and they were Mark, Alex, Stephen, and Keifer. They made us laugh, tried to learn people's names and stories the best they could, and just seemed to bleed a love for the outdoors in general (and, of course, the canyon).

Thank you so much for a lovely trip full of adventure, peace, and lovely scenery. Thanks for hiring wonderful people who worked their tails off to make the whole experience nothing less than fabulous for those of us on the trip!!! I will be back to do the 6-day sometime before too long!!

If you are reading reviews trying to decide to go or not, GO! You will not regret it. The people are great, the Grand Canyon is simply breath-taking, and the food is delicious!

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