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Rafting the Grand Canyon


| November 15, 2018

Out of the chicken coop, into the gun barrel!

This year I traded Paris for rafting the Grand Canyon. My husband wanted to raft the white water.

The morning we launched I sat in the chicken coop, the back of the boat, trying to stay dry. By afternoon I got hot. I decided to move up to the front, the gun barrel. The very first rapid changed my mind and I discovered my inner child. The rest of the week I embraced every aspect of the trip from the splendors of the Grand Canyon to the morning cup of cowboy coffee. It changed my perspective on nature, beauty and my own ability to jump in and participate. It was thrilling!

Corey is the best guide on the Colorado River. His love for the Grand Canyon was infectious. Now, it’s my canyon, too. And I’ll never be the same. Thank you to everyone who shared in the trip.

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