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Rafting the Grand Canyon


| November 21, 2017

We camped in the Grand Canyon with friends and family.

We saw the wildlife, topography, geology, and plants of the lower Grand Canyon.

We watched the canyon change; the daily perspectives looking up at the rims, forward at the Colorado River, the stars, the clouds and the people were amazing.

We rode the rapids, climbed on rocks, hiked to a secret grotto, laughed, giggled and made new friends.

The days went by too quickly, but they were full of peace, joy and fellowship. The stars at night, multiple shooting stars, sleeping out in the open.

The sounds of the canyon, the river, the insects, the wind, the animals.

Yeah I really liked this trip.

The crew was very knowledgeable, competent, and helpful. They taught us about the canyon and made sure we were safe and comfortable. They fed us, led us, and let us explore.

Thank you.

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