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Rafting the Grand Canyon Exceeded Our Expectations 10x!


| August 15, 2019

My husband and I booked this rafting trip to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary with a special memory. To be honest, I picked this company cause they came up early in a Google search, had the length of trip we wanted and I was pretty excited about the helicopter ride :-)

Now that we are home, I am SO GLAD we went with Western River Expeditions and I would not go with anyone else. The competitors' boats did not look comfortable and one in particular had everyone sitting side-by-side along either side of the raft. Western's patented boat design enabled all of us to sit facing forward, so you can enjoy the views of the whole canyon and also get a great whitewater experience. (and it's more comfortable) Also, you can "choose your own adventure" by either sitting way up front and getting the full thrill, sitting up high on the coolers, or in the back to warm up for a bit. Everyone did all 3 options at some point.

Besides the well-designed boats, the staff were passionate about what they do. Two of our guides had been doing this over 20 years. They were informative and organized, and they made our days magical from sunrise to sundown.

The food was incredible (bananas foster and ice cream in the desert?) The camping equipment was dead simple to set up and there were so many thoughtful touches along the way.

The logistics of this trip were flawless - from reservations to pre-trip packing lists and directions, to getting out of the canyon by helicopter to an airstrip in the middle of the desert back to Las Vegas. I am usually the planner of the family, so Western's expertise and organization left me free to forget about planning and "thinking" and be completely in the moment to have a 100% mindful experience. It was incredible and worth every penny.

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