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One of Nature’s Greatest Wonders! Rafting The Grand Canyon


| October 30, 2012

Rafting the Grand Canyon is an outstanding experience. However, the navigation rating for the Colorado River white water rapids did not express the splash factor!! Ha, ha..So, since our "swamper" was Sam, we came up with the SAM scale for the rapids (Splash Assessment Measurement):
Ripple-no concerns, but be ware of "sneakers"
Sneaker-a wave that can splash you when you want to stay dry or soak your lower extremeties when you least expect it
SAM 1-2 mild waves, most likely a splash or 2 with a potential for some "sneakers"
SAM 3-4 moderate & mild waves, pontoons will definitely get wet, may get some upper deck splashes, chicken coop probably okay
SAM 5-6 moderate waves, similar to 3-4 but more moderate size waves vs. mild
SAM 7-8 moderate with a few big ones! Everyone may get wet, pontoons for sure, upper deck most likely, maybe if a couple of splashes on the chicken coop
SAM 9-10 SUCK RUBBER!! pontoons duck and get soaked, upper deck gets soaked or wet, chicken coop gets wet! HOLD ON!!!

Thanks to Evan Almightly, Wren the climbing bird, Ben the myth buster and Sam, the splash assessor!! A great time was had rafting the Grand Canyon!

Tim - San Diego
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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