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WOOOO HOOOO!!!! Rafting the Grand Canyon


| June 10, 2014

Having rafted down the whitewater rapids of the Colorado River back in 1970 with my husband, my identical twin sister and I decided to celebrate our 70th birthdays with a 7-day Western River Expeditions adventure. Doing so had been on the top of my sister's bucket list. She didn't have to twist my arm for me to say I'd go with her! It was the greatest birthday present we could have given ourselves. I'm sure our belly laughs are still resonating in the canyons.

Our group of two J-rafts jelled immediately. Two other sets of twins, much younger than Carol and I, were in our group, which I found amazing. Friendships formed among people of all ages. Teenagers became Carol's and my dear friends... even after they scared the pants off of us late one night! It was our fault. We had told stories about how we loved to scare people when we were younger and even when we were in college. What goes around, comes around, as they say!!!

We had brought along an old baritone ukulele, and we sang patriotic songs on July 4th, serenaded those who celebrated birthdays during our 7-day trip, and had sing-alongs at night. On our last evening together, Carol and I sang a song to all of our new friends to the tune of "Rubber Ducky" --- very appropriate because of the importance of the phrase, "SUCK RUBBER!" My lyrics were:

Sucking rubber, having fun,
Now our expedition's done,
Fellow rafters, we're awfully fond of you... doo doot dooty doo
Sharing toilets, freezing baths,
Great cuisine and sharing laughs,
Fellow rafters, we're awfully fond of you..... oh

Western River has [pause] guides far better than others.
They're nice to [pause] kids and grown-ups and [pause] even
older grandmothers.... doot doo doot doo doo doo

Though we soon will be apart,
You will each be in our hearts,
Fellow rafters, we're awfully fond of...
Fellow rafters, we've both really bonded with...
Fellow rafters, we're awfully fond............. of you!

Thank you, Western River, for giving us the adventure of a lifetime. You also gave us your very best guides in RD, Taylor, Lat and Parker. On top of that, you even threw in an earthquake for us to experience! You're unquestionably the very, very best company with whom to suck rubber.

Happily ever rafter,
Bobbie - VA
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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