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Here We Come Pumpkin Springs! Rafting The Grand Canyon


| September 13, 2012

1) Reservations for rafting the Grand Canyon: no hesitation, it had been #1 on my personal bucket list since I was 23.
Bar Ten Ranch experience was great.  The fly in and helicopter rides were a visual experience with head phones explanation.
2) Staff Mark Pearce and Shad were wonderful, so very helpful in every way- knowledgable about Grand Canyon details like anthropology, archeology, geology and the flora and fauna.  The meals that they cooked on the Colorad River up were greatest.  The campsites that they chose for us were the best.  It was a great feeling to be all alone on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
3) Reservations were great with no complaints. Western River Expeditions has other whitewater rafting trips to go on that we learned about when we went online to reserve our Grand Canyon 4 day trip.  We would highly recommend this Grand Canyon trip; or others by Western River Expeditions to any future visitor considering a rafting experience.  The feedback from the staff was prompt and completely explanatory.
4) From our experience we would recommend to future visitors to book early and plan for various types of weather depending on the travel date.  Our experience was all hot and fair skies, but heard it had been cold just the trip before ours.
5) I really liked every aspect of the Grand Canyon trip experience.  The scenery was the greatest, and it was really wonderful to look at that canyon from the bottom up, rather from top down.  The hikes were really interesting; caves and waterfalls very unexpected: there was always something interesting for the guides to explain to us about the site, flora, geology, etc.  The whitewater rapids were thrilling and not too scary!  The meals were so delicious!  It's amazing what can be packed and cooked up over a ten day period by the guides for such a large group in such a remote, wilderness location.  We felt the group as a whole was the best possible combination of fellows, we felt so fortunate!

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