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The Wonders of the Grand Canyon Cannot Be Adequately Represented in Symbols of Speech, Nor by Speech Itself. – John Wesley Powell


| September 10, 2014

A year ago, my husband and I started discussing where and how we wanted to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. My husband is not much into travelling but has always talked about wanting to "ride the rapids" in the Grand that lead to us booking the week-long trip. I have to admit that I wasn't all that excited in the beginning to spend a week without all the luxuries of modern living but now that it's over, I can honestly say that it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!

Our guides Evan, Grace, Curt, and Keifer were absolutely wonderful! It was obvious that they had a passion for their job that was as deep and wide as the Canyon itself. Having a woman as part of the crew was awesome...thank you, Gracie for teaching us women how to be pioneers in our own rights! You made being out of my comfort zone much more comfortable!!

I worried quite a bit about having a well-balanced diet as I am a vegetarian. I packed several protein bars "just in case"...but never had to break open a package. The crew made sure to make alternate protein sources available and even made me my own "un-chicken curry salad"! All of the food was deliciously prepared. I'm still amazed that they had the energy to make dinner (with smiles on their faces) after a long day.

Our only negative comment would be concerning breakfast at the hotel in Vegas prior to embarking on our adventure...that was definitely not a great first impression. Maybe our guides could give them some pointers!!

A few things we learned or would do differently...

1. Buy rain gear that has tight closures at the wrist and ankles (unless you don't mind sitting in a puddle of water in your pants). We ended up tightening up the ankles with a small, thin rope...but would probably take heavy duty Velcro straps next time.
2. Less is may think the packing list is a bit light, but it pretty much covered everything we ended up wearing. Plus you'll make friends when you don't have the heaviest bag in the fire line :)
3. Bring gloves that have good grips but that don't have a knit backhand...the potential for rubbing your knuckles raw is good with a knitted backhand.
4. Try everything you think you can'll surprise yourself!! And, sit in every seat on the raft at some point to get the full experience.
5. Take lots of pictures of your amazing surroundings! When you're back to "normal life", you'll be glad you did!!
6. If you burn easily, definitely bring socks to wear starting on day one. The Canyon doesn't care how unfashionable it is to wear socks with sandals!!
7. Sleep under the was stunning!!

This was an amazing adventure that I didn't even know I wanted to go I can't imagine life without the memories of our visit.!!

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