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This Grand Canyon Vacation Was The Most Amazing, Unforgettable Experience Of A Lifetime.


| May 22, 2013

The guides on our Grand Canyon vacation, Ronnie, Jeff and Brad were amazing. Their professionalism, guidance, knowledge, and sense of humor helped to make this trip the experience of a lifetime. Our Western River guides went above and beyond any expectation.

I'm convinced I was with the best group possible. This group was helpful, fun, curious, adventurous and kind. I was so lucky to be with new friends.

This whitewater rafting and camping adventure was way out of my comfort zone. I hadn't been camping since I was a child, (and then only once) had never been rafting.  I am over 50 years old and from New York City.  The other group members, along with the guides, guided me and helped me every step of the way. They made the trip even more incredible. I now have 20 new friends!

The scenery was breathtaking. The rafting exhilarating. Sleeping under the stars amazing. It was more phenomenal than I could have every imagined.

From Bar 10 with Garth, Emily, Shep, Levy, Tyler, Mindy and others...and their expertise and sense of adventure....helped to start the journey on the best possible note.

It was the most incredible journey of a lifetime. I highly recommend it to everyone!  Western River has created a wonderful, safe, exhilarating way to experience the amazing Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

I will figure out my pictures as soon as I can.

Pam - New York City
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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