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This Was The Most Incredible Trip Of A Lifetime! – Rafting The Grand Canyon


| July 27, 2013

Our Western River guides Grace Rich, Steve Wiley, Sam Hansen and Keifer Kelson were "The Best Ambassadors of the Canyon". Western is blessed to have these folks within its family. The food was outstanding. I did not expect to be "dining" in the Grand Canyon. All of the supplies & equipment furnished was excellent. My fellow passengers on the rafts were the best group anyone could ask for. We all bonded immediately. There was never a problem on the entire trip. I feel that my circle of friends grew on this trip. With every turn and rapid of the river, I was awe struck by the beauty of the Grand Canyon. I couldn't wait for the next view and thrill that was around the next corner. This was a bucket list item for me. Having a couple of my best buddies to share it with made this trip the most incredible trip of a lifetime. Thank you to everyone involved. Jim - Indiana Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
Western River Rafting Trip
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