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Trip of a Lifetime! Rafting the Grand Canyon


| October 26, 2018

Well, here we are back to reality. Must say our trip through the Grand Canyon was truly GRAND!! We had spent years on top wondering what it would be like floating down the Colorado River. We have been on other rivers with other companies but Western is the best.

For starters, the choreography of getting all guests to the right place at the right time with various modes of transportation is mind boggling!

Next, the boats are amazing. Thought the motors might be a distraction but never even noticed. Also, there would be no way to see the whole Grand Canyon in six days without them.

Our crew members, Shad, Stephen, Kathleen, Lindsey and MP were fabulous! Their knowledge of the geology and history was enviable. Their patience and sense of humor with us was very appreciated. Not only did they work their butts off, they had fun doing it! They cooked, cleaned, entertained, doctored (sorry to say :( ) and became our friends.

Speaking of cooking!! The food was delicious!! I was always in awe of what came out of those coolers! It humbles me and makes me want to do better in my own camp cooking. I was also thankful for how concerned / cautious the crew was as I have a life threatening peanut allergy and felt confident nothing would get past them.

Would I do this trip again? In a heartbeat! Should you do it? Absolutely! If you feel it's out of your comfort zone, don't worry about it. Everyone is there to learn, have fun, grow and sometimes have to depend on others. You will be stronger, more confident in your day to day life and know that in a pinch, you can pee in a cup! :)

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