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Unforgettable Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip


| February 11, 2019

If you are looking to experience the Colorado, or any other river trip for that matter, look no further because you won't find a better tour company than Western River. You will be taken care of an entertained from the moment you start your journey to the very last minute.

I cannot say enough about this trip. The guides were professional, fun, warm, patient, skilled and gave 110% the entire journey. The way they guided an entire mini city down the river with all the infrastructure necessary to "house" 20 people was incredible. The camp set up was easy and comfortable and the meals were unbelievable considering they were cooked with few amenities in the middle of the desert.

The guides really make the trip because they are so fun and approachable but at the same time, they know the river and ensure everyone is safe at all times. We were in such good hands.

If you are worrying about the cost of the trip, then wait a little longer and save that extra money because it is absolutely worth it. It will be a trip of a lifetime. Book today!

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day
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