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Unforgettable! Grand Canyon Vacations


| August 28, 2018

The stars were amazing! The Colorado River was so green and clear you could see fish swimming as we glided along. The rapids were great fun. Our group was terrific; it was great hanging out with them. The Grand Canyon is even more amazing from river level than it is from the rim. I never thought I'd get to see the Little Colorado, or Deer Creek Falls and Havasu Canyon. Deciding to make this trip was the best travel choice I've ever made! The crew were all knowledgeable about the history and geology of the canyon. I can forget the food! I couldn't believe what we had every day.

Here some gear tips, based on my experience:

1. Bring your towel in your day bad so you can keep your feet from getting too sandy and wet.

2. Bring a twin-size air mattress,

3. You probably won't need a clothesline unless (hint) you want it for a fashion accessory. We used the trees and bushes to hang clothes to dry.

4. My hydro flask was a trooper! It kept my water really cold.

5. Don't forget a headlamp!

6. Also footing related: try out your shoes in wet and sandy or gritty conditions; you want to know you won't be slipping and sliding when you want to walk on rocks.

7. Get a rubber wristband to hold your waterproof camera on your arm.

8. Bring some cash when you come into Marble Canyon so you can get drinks or snacks before you get on the river.

9. You can't have enough Ziplocs!

10. Also, for ladies only: bring one of those gizmos that lets you pee like a guy! You’ll thank me later.

Wiley, Ronnie, Jeff--Thanks for an amazing trip. Scotty, thanks for also being my medic and guiding me into the amazing places we visited. You guys are the best!

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