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Unmatchable Memories With My Grandsons – Cataract Canyon Rafting


| August 8, 2019

My wife and I completed the Grand Canyon 6-day trip with Western River about eight years ago. I'll be 80 in November, but I figured I had one more of these big water trips left in me, so we decided to go on this Cataract Classic 4-day Expedition, but also invited the grandsons (18 and 15).

I'm fairly adept with this language, but I'm probably inadequately equipped to describe how wonderful this experience actually was. Suffice to say the combination of a roaring river, stunning star views, superb guides and the biggest rapids I've ever run...or will....left memories whose value simply cannot be properly expressed.

You folks run a very strong operation. We'll be back for some lesser treats. Nothing will ever match this one.

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day
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