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Have an UP CLOSE and PERSONAL Grand Canyon Experience!


| August 20, 2014

Best to do this adventure with some friends or family, (but you'll make new friends along the way). And talk about the scenery!  How majestic? The variety of rock formations!  The view of the Grand Canyon from water level is one of a kind. Puts things in a rare perspective in terms of how our land must have evolved over millions of years. See all this right before your own eyes!

And, you won't miss your cell phone! Get away from your day to day grind and immerse yourself into this experience. After a few hours on the water you become "present" with the Grand Canyon. Better pay attention to what's coming up next! Shore excursions were unexpected but very exciting! (See my attached photo of a water fall from within a grotto.)

Many on my trip referred to this as an item on their "bucket list". Now, I completely get that. However, I want a re-deaux! Next time maybe with my entire family….maybe even look at a longer trip.

Book your spot ASAP….there are a limited number of reservations available each year…..don't get shut out!

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