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Wonderful Grand Canyon Vacation


| August 17, 2018

Western River Expeditions really had it's act together.

Every detail of our Grand Canyon vacation ran seamlessly. Pre-trip instructions were spot on.

This was my first time to "camp" and I consider myself a bit of a priss so that's saying a lot. I was not expecting to be so DIRTY. So much for desert winds blowing fine red sand.....but again I am new at these things.

The view was something magical and could be seen no other way than this. No internet was weird...that's the idea, right?

The crew was really fun, especially Joe. I think he was reincarnated from 200 years ago. He showed us how to make a fire with sticks...amazing...and he could sing! The food was out of this world did they do it???? I would not advise drinking alcohol in low humidity. My friend got really dehydrated. Just do water and Gatorade, very very dry there. Hands and feet were peeling when I got home. I'd bring some heavy cream next time. They did warn us about the dryness, but I had no idea being from a coastal area all my life what that would be like.

Such a great company, next year, I'm going to do it again on a different river. Such unique fun.

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