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Words Cannot Describe My 3 Day Grand Canyon Experience


| August 9, 2010

I cannot put into words or on a short survey how wonderful my 3 day trip down the river was!

The equipment, the well thought out and planned stages, the food, the caring and educational tips from the Guides and I still can not say enough kind things about Haley and Veronica (Ronnie)!!!

I literally sat my last evening in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, under a blanket of stars made by God, after partaking in a wonderful meal and a day of exciting adventures and fantastic company!

Then to top it off I heard two Angels strum guitars and sing!  A dream come true, life is good!  Gosh!  They guide and work the boat, set up and tear down the equipment, look after 14 people, cook, clean, keep you out of trouble, help you understand the river by educating you, they are the first ones up and the last to lay their heads and to add to the talents they sing and play guitar in such a wonderful way!

I have to say, someone please---- “PINCH me to make sure I am not dreaming!!!"

Please tell Ronnie and Haley what a wonderful job they did and how they made memories in everyone’s hearts that will last forever.  Very few people in this world have the talents to do what they do!!

Grand Canyon 3-Day Rafting

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