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You Can Do It If You Try! Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting


| August 15, 2012

Never did I think I would take a rafting/hiking/camping trip on the Colorado River. But there is nothing like seeing the Grand Canyon from the bottom up, rather than the top down. I am generally quite a cautious person, not much of a risk-taker, so getting into a raft and traveling 188 miles, sometmes through BIG rapids, climbing up rocks and breaching gaps, and participating in alfresco dining, sleeping, and toileting totally took me out of my comfort zone.

However, the guides were superb, and I can't say enough about their wonderful people skills and expertise, both in "driving" the rafts and delivering information about the river and canyon. Gracie and Sam were my guides, patient and kind to all of us. Marty and Jason were on the raft that we traveled with, equally helpful and knowledgeable. Both groups of people got along well and were delightful to get to know. We all followed directions well, were on time and very well organized, with the guidance from our guides.

Our meals were fantastic and nobody could complain about being hungry. I particularly enjoyed breakfasts and dinners, and our "formal" dining experience the last night was great fun.

It was a wonderful experience and proved to me that I can do more than I think I can. I would highly recommend this rafting trip, but be sure to keep an open mind!

Donna - US, but live in the Netherlands
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