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What about Valuables on a River Trip

We often get an inquiry about taking valuables on our Grand Canyon whitewater rafting tour.  Here is what we tell our guests.

You will want to have photo ID, a major credit card, and some cash for guide gratuities.  All other valuables and jewelry should be left at home or in a safety deposit box at your hotel.  In addition, as a safety precaution, we suggest that you not wear rings on the river.  Also, each year a few of our guests traveling on airlines arrive without their luggage.  With this in mind, we suggest you carry with you medications, prescription glasses, and anything you may not be able to replace the evening before your trip departs.

Guests who are booked on the charter flight will likely stay at the Desert Rose Resort Hotel the night prior.  We pick up our guests at that property the morning of their rafting tour. If you have extra luggage with you it may be stored at the Desert Rose Resort Hotel if you have stayed there the night prior for $5 per bag.  If you stay at another property, they will still store it for you for a fee of $15 per bag or you could check with the hotel where you are staying regarding luggage storage.  We ask that you not bring suitcases on the river trip but rather pack your river items in a soft-sided duffel bag that can be transferred into our water-resistant bag.  Each guest should pack in a separate bag and each guest will receive their own dry bag.

Our office staff is happy to answer any further questions you may have on these subjects or any others.  Have a great trip.

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