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You could wish your life away.

Right now I’m looking over the steel grey waters of the river mersey in GT Britain, the seagulls are slipping and sliding across the sky and the cold rain is lashing against the pavement but am I miserable??  NO, not at all because I’ve only 55 days to go before I get to do what has been 5 years in the planning.  It was when both my wife and I (Carol) were grimly clinging to the pommel of a saddle atop two very lively mule’s going down the Bright Angel trail that we both made a promise to do what those lucky people were doing down on the river so far below.  It looked both fun and exciting and mind blowing and cool and even achievable (did I say "both").  And here we are just a little bit of time away from feeling the warm air on our backs the refreshing river waters on our feet and taking in the majesty of the wide open space of the canyon.  I could rabbit on about it all day but I’ve got things to do!!  A waves just washed my dog away.

Mike Lyons – UK
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

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Various guests of Western River took the time to share their thoughts with us both before and after their journey.

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