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A River Runs Through
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Sensing a Connection Along the Green River

What Makes a River Trip Such a Meaningful Vacation?

When you're drifting down a river, deep within the canyon walls, miles from the nearest civilization, it's hard to not feel a little emotional. It's thrilling, awe-inspiring, calm-inducing, and... it's mercurial. That's the sense of wilderness, which is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit. These wilderness experiences are easily felt... once you're out there. What will it take to get you to come to the river, and come to your senses?

Feel the Connection

It's a rare thing in modern life to re-connect with nature, to spend time with a group of people who are also enjoying that same adventure. Your whole focus is spending time with one another out here in this beautiful country and having fun at the same time. The river connects people in a way that nothing else does.

Desolation Canyon

Feel the Rush

Even with all the glorious backdrop of canyon grandeur, the joy of social interaction, and the calm in between, no one ever forgets the rush of adrenaline in the rapids.

Cataract Canyon

Feel the Awe

When words fail to describe an experience, we use the word "awe". When the scale of an experience doesn't register, when size, thrill, grandeur and depth are too much to grasp, you're sensing awe. It happens every day out here.

Cataract Canyon

Feel the Tranquility

In loud and riotous times, tranquility is more rare than diamonds, and more precious than gold. On the river, tranquility comes only at the price of "being there". Enjoy.

Desolation Canyon