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Cataract Canyon Classic

Cataract Canyon Rafting Reviews

"The first night I woke up and looked at the stars, and it was just an explosion of stars up there. It's incredible, it's forever. Beautiful. I won"t forget this. My son wants to do it again next year and... I'm in!"

Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day Trip

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 16 customer reviews

Amazing rafting trip - AGAIN!

I had previously done the Grand Canyon tour about 2 years ago and wanted to try a different tour. So we reserved the Cataract Canyon River tour, we thought we had reserved early enough to be able to use the J-Rig raft and were slightly disappointed that we would be using the paddle boats and row boat. However we were happily surprised how much fun we had paddling thru the rapids. It was so much more interactive using the paddle boats and we were absolutely thrilled with our trip. The guides were simply amazing and had this concierge type of mentality. We loved all of our guides, Tory, Ryan, Matt, Danielle and of course Alex.

Kudos to everyone at WRE

Everyone was wonderful to work with. Great communications, clear brochures, prompt responses to email questions. Taylor, Jayce, Mickell and Chris were simply amazing. They made the trip interesting and fun. You guys make it look easy. Suspect it takes a lot of work from everyone at WRE. Kudos to everyone in the front and back office. Definitely plan to take another trip with one of the other excursions at some point in the future.

Already missing it!

Steph, Ben, Taylor, and Chris were top notch. They did a great job of taking care of us and getting to know our group. I miss them already.

They had us laughing

Taylor, McKay, Brian and Nick were by far the best part of our experience. Having 19 teenagers in our group, these guides were awesome. Not only did they do a great job with the rafts, but they enjoyed our kids. Any down time we had, you would see them playing with our kids and making sure they were all having a good time. It was great to see them even break off into small groups to just hang with our teenagers. The guides can make or break your experience, and they were the highlight of all my students. Thank you for sending us these four guys, their chemistry together was amazing. They had us laughing as much as they were.

Most fun times of my life!

The pre-travel email messages were really great, very helpful and definitely built excitement for the trip. Overall one of the most fun times of my life. Just thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the interaction with the guides and my fellow rafters, the hikes, the excellent food, the scenery and of course the actual running of the rapids. Western River knows how to run this type of trip - everything about the experience was efficient and smooth, allowing me to really enjoy the vacation and not worry about details.

Western River has delivered


Our guides (Brian, Taylor, Daniel, and Mackay) made this experience 100% awesome. They went out of their way everyday to be as accommodating as possible. During down times, when they could have been resting, they joined in and even introduced games for everyone to play. The dynamic between them would suggest that they've worked together for years, rather than it being their first trip together. I would book another trip with these four in a heartbeat. Without a doubt, the 4 day Cataract Canyon trip was an experience of a lifetime. From the moment we said go, Western River has delivered.

Details taken care of seamlessly


The trip information was great. We followed your packing list to the letter and ended up using everything we brought, but not lacking anything. Good work on that. Wonderful trip. I was just thinking that there is no way this trip would be accessible or possible without Western Rivers. I have wanted to run Cataract Canyon for decades. Without you it could have never happened. Also, my wife had a great time. She is not really an outdoorsy type person, but with the way you run your trips it makes it possible and enjoyable for her. I appreciate the fact that you deal seamlessly with every detail, down to parking the car, transportation to and from the river, and the orientation meeting the night before. And of course the main parts of the trip run like clock-work - the river run itself, hikes, meals, camping, etc. Nice job.

A trip I will remember all my days!


Our team of guides, headed by Joel, were truly awesome! They all showed great respect for one another as well as for their individual knowledge/skills. They gave us all the freedom to relax and to know every detail, as well as our safety, were well guarded and top priority. They were friendly and open with each of have real gems in Joel, McKenna, Aaron, and Ryan. I was dragging my feet, only using the rafting trip as a conversation piece that we could giggle at that I was going. It was way outside of my normal box. I loved the guides, I loved the food, I loved the camping games, and I loved the white water! A trip I will remember all of my days....



Perfect! It was such an awesome time!

Great Variety


Excellent response time anytime we had questions. Western River always kept us up to date and informed before the trip. We had a great time with everyone that shared our experience. We had a variety of nationalities plus families from all over the United States on our raft trip. We all bonded over the 4 days and hope stay in touch.

Everything was beyond perfect!


The guides are what really made the trip. Entertaining - polite - caring. I could go on and on. you should be very proud how these young people represent your business!! Everything was beyond perfect!!!!

I found a new love for river rafting!

I had so much fun! I learned a lot of cool new things, and I found a new love for river rafting. This was my first river rafting trip, and it was the best introduction to river rafting that I could have ever had. I already miss the Colorado river. The food was amazing as well. If I could, I would jump on a raft today and do it all again.

Professional at all times

We found the guides to be very professional at all times. They appeared to be looking out for our best interest in everything they did. Most importantly, they continually looked out for our safety.

Highly recommend Western

There was plenty of good information so I knew we were in good hands. We used everything suggested on the packing list. Loved the guides! They all worked very hard to make our experience fantastic. I would recommend your outfit to anyone interested in doing this trip.

I cannot believe it!


I cannot believe how hard those guides work and they're still smiling and joking with us!

Best family vacation ever!

Our guides were knowledgeable, respectful and fun. They keep us all entertained and were surprisingly good cooks! They could relate and effectively communicate with adults, teens and younger children and always had something encouraging to say. My children's grandparents commented that the kids came back "changed"--more confident and assertive. My husband and I loved that we were not "connected" via email or phone. Great family fun!! It was an awesome experience! We highly recommend this for adventuresome families. Great experience. Great job putting together families that had similar age children as they all got along and felt included. The adults also all hit it off. Great meeting others from around the country and world. One of the best family vacations ever!

Amazing experience

The food, the guides, the canyon, the scenery, and history were better than I could have hoped for! This trip was an amazing experience!

The kids came back changed

Our guides were knowledgeable, respectful and fun young men. They keep us all entertained and were surprisingly good cooks! They could relate and effectively communicate with adults, teens and younger children and always had something encouraging to say. My children's grandparents commented that the kids came back "changed"--more confident and assertive. My husband and I loved that we were not "connected" via email or phone. Great family fun!!
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