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Iconic Nankoweap in Grand Canyon

Willie Holdman Photography Workshop

Renown Utah landscape photographer, Willie Holdman, is partnering with Western River Expeditions in the Grand Canyon for a Seven-Day Photography Workshop. Willie's expert instruction is personal and professional, while photo opportunities are as wide as the Grand Canyon itself!

Western River's stable J-Rig rafts in the Grand Canyon carry you from Lee's Ferry (mile 0) to mile 188 at Whitmore Wash, where a helicopter will bring you out of the canyon. Learn more about Western's 6 or 7 Day Expedition.

This workshop trip is limited to only 25 seats. Please note that this does not include the $450 workshop fee that will be charged directly by Willie Holdman.

Book April 16, 2024 Workshop

Book April 15, 2025 Workshop

Grand Canyon Photography with Willie Holdman

"I've teamed up with Western River Expeditions to put on this advanced photography workshop. We'll have some great food, hit some huge rapids, and most importantly, some beautiful scenery..." - Willie Holdman

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Recently snapped from participants of past workshops