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Westwater Multisport
Paddle rafting in Westwater Canyon

Raft Types in Westwater Canyon

Westwater Canyon is a blast on paddle rafts! The rapids on this stretch of the Colorado River are generally quite wild and make for some thrilling memories to tell back home. Not to worry, though. The rapids don't begin right away so you'll get a chance to learn some paddling skills before you will really need them for the bigger class III-V rapids that come after lunch. Most will experience Westwater Canyon rapids from a paddle raft. Listen to, and learn from your guides about "T" grips and digging in with the blade through the whitewater and you'll feel an exhilarating sense of accomplishment, having conquered the rapids of the mighty Colorado River!

You will also have a chance to hop in an Oar-Rig where your guide will do all the rowing - all you have to do is hold on!

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Paddle Rafts in Westwater Canyon

Western has paddle rafts which provide “hands-on” excitement in conquering the waves with a spirited team of 6 to 8 rafters. Paddlers need not have any prior experience as Western’s guides will provide ample instruction and ensure everyone’s success.

Paddle rafting in Westwater Canyon
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Oar-Rig in Westwater Canyon

Western's Oar Rig Raft is typically 18 feet long, and handles both cargo and a comfortable ride for up to 6 guests. The guide does all the work of steering and propulsion with long oars. Make your guide proud and don't refer to the oars as "paddles"! These specially designed boats are “self-bailing” which means that any water that comes into the raft immediately flows back out.

Oar-Rig in Desolation Canyon