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Break Time Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is certainly a beautiful and rugged place, but our Western River trip was like a floating resort through 7 days of one of the world's natural wonders. The guides were a wealth of knowledge of the canyon, including navigation, history and geology and were incredibly helpful and hardworking to make the trip possible for their guests....Read More ›
Group Holding Hands in Cave
What a great trip with another of Western's hard working joyful crews, typical of my past trips with Western. The crew worked very hard throughout the trip constantly helping everyone have a wonderful experience. Nice to be around people so full of energy and enthusiasm.Read More ›
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This is a trip of a lifetime! The Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring, and you absolutely should experience it with Western River Expeditions! WESTERN RIVER HAS IT DIALED IN! River Guides Stephen, Mairead, Kelly, and Hyrum were spectacular! They have years of river experience and are well educated on the geology, flora, and fauna of the canyon. They...Read More ›

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Michael Schied. - | April 16, 2022

It was absolutely wonderful to be at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for the 3-day river trip. Deprivation of phone service, television, email, texts, or any other form of "electromagnetic interference" was the icing on the cake!

Our Guides (Stephen, Kelly, Mairead, Hyrum) provided a safe and enjoyable "expedition" for all. Each brought...Read More ›

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My husband and I could not have asked for a better Grand Canyon rafting experience than the one we undertook with Western River and crew in July of 2021. Each day presented some new and amazing experience, whether it was thrilling rapids, beautiful natural wonders, or stimulating hikes, with plenty of downtime floating on the river to reflect on...Read More ›

the Hole
I did this trip with two of my sisters, a niece and my daughter. A week after we were home, we were still saying we felt like we were walking on air because it was so much more than we expected. We are already talking about doing the upper portion of the river raft. I would recommend it to anyone and already have. A big thank you to our guides...Read More ›
River 1
Dear Western River Expeditions, In an attempt to adequately describe our trip I have composed this letter in my head dozens of times. My search for the words comes up short every time, but here goes. WRE was stellar at planning, anticipating, providing for and keeping their guests informed. Your professionalism was evident every step of the way....Read More ›
the Emerald Mile
Douglas Arnold. - | October 4, 2021

Dear Friends and family,

The event I am about to reveal to you CAN NOT be explained away as coincidence. It is spiritual … and there is no better place to connect with God than the Grand Canyon.

A good friend of mine suggested I read a book titled the Emerald Mile prior to going to the Grand Canyon …I did that.

I sent an...Read More ›

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One thing I have to say, it’s always the people you have that run a business. Joe and Jace made the trip amazing. It’s hard to find people that are knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to their jobs because they GENUINELY want to be there, and not just because it’s a paycheck. Your guys made the trip everything it was and went beyond me, my...Read More ›