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Western River Trip Reviews

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Exhausted glow

5 /5 stars based on 532 reviews

I don’t use the word transcendent much, but 6 days in the Grand Canyon looking from the bottom up requires it. A woman with whom we shared an airport cab at five AM the morning after the trip said I had “an exhausted glow”...

Grand Canyon Lower Camp Views

Time and money well spent!

5 /5 stars based on 532 reviews

Indeed a grand expedition! Trip leader Joe Clark, 1st mate Mairead and mate Jesse came with their best A+ game. Their caring, knowledge, and experience took this trip over the top. The Canyon and the stars at night were...

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No words

5 /5 stars based on 532 reviews

Words cannot come close to describing this trip. One of the greatest joys I have experienced. I got to spend this wonderful trip with friends old and new and part of my family. Will go again!

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Wow! A trip of a lifetime

5 /5 stars based on 532 reviews

Of course, the landscape is breathtaking and at every turn, you are in awe. But I am writing to let you know that we had the most fantastic guides... Knowledgeable, kind, funny, genuinely the best guys... They MADE the...

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Western has the best staff!

5 /5 stars based on 532 reviews

Adventure meets luxury! It’s the Grand Canyon so no lack of awe and adventure! But, having Ben, Paco, Lat, and Shelby MADE the trip so enjoyable. They did EVERYTHING- we just adventures and enjoyed. Highly recommend this...