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Senses Connection

Feel the Connection on the River

May 11, 2021
"It's a rare thing, in modern life, to reconnect with nature... to spend time with a group of people who are also enjoying that same...
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Senses Tranquility

Come to Your Senses in the Canyons and Rivers of the West

March 11, 2021
Like a wave on the river, life can hit us all with some stronger-than-expected impacts, and sometimes the hits just keep on comin'. But some wise...
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Grand Canyon Upper Happycampers

Planning for the Unexpected: A Guide to Travel Insurance

December 28, 2020
Guest blog provided By Susan Doktor Since its onset, the coronavirus has shaken the very bedrock of our lives: who we see, where we go, how we...
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Grand Canyon Upper Jrig Rapids

Better and best: Thoughts on our last day rafting the Grand Canyon

November 10, 2020
By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: Only about 100 people had traveled by boat through the Grand Canyon by 1949–eighty years after John Wesley Powell’s...
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Grand Canyon Upper Elves

Day 4 Grand Canyon: Big rapids, beautiful waterfalls

November 10, 2020
By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: It takes an eight-mile hike to reach the famous and popular 98-foot high Havasu Falls, within Havasupai tribal...
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Hiking to Elves Chasm Waterfall

Three waterfalls in one day in the Grand Canyon!

November 10, 2020
By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: Pork chops for breakfast has been a tradition at Western River Expeditions because company founder, Jack Currey was...
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Piece of the Twa Airplane Involved in the Tragic 1956 Collision Over the Grand Canyon

Day 3 in the Grand Canyon: tragic crash site, fun on the Little Colorado River

November 10, 2020
By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: Nearly 6 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year but only about 18,000 raft the Colorado River on...
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Everyone Pitches in to Set up Our First Campsite

Weather can’t spoil a trip to remember down the Grand Canyon

November 10, 2020
By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: Desert Big Horn Sheep are seen more frequently in the Grand Canyon now that their major food source...
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a Natural Bridge Named for the Venice Bridge of Sighs

Day 2 Grand Canyon: exploring the “ancients,” a dubious crowd estimate and birthday cake!

November 10, 2020
By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: The Colorado River may reach speeds of 10-15 mph at steeper rapids, though average smooth water speed is 3-4 mph....
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Day One Eileen

DAY ONE: Rafting the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions

October 21, 2020
Guest Blog originally posted on By Eileen Ogintz DID YOU KNOW: The oldest rocks in the Grand Canyon date back 1.8 billion...
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Fitting Everything in One Bag: Rafting Survival Kit

June 18, 2020
The nationwide lockdowns probably put a damper in your enthusiasm as it has prevented most of us from pursuing our travel plans. But instead of...
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Grand Canyon Upper Granite Rapids

Behind the Scenes Grand Canyon Rafting

June 10, 2020
At some point in any river trip through the Grand Canyon, a guest will ask, “How do you get the boats back upstream?” As guides, it's hard to...
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Latimes Article

The L.A. Times Prescribes Whitewater Rafting as Best Possible Vacation for Summer of 2020

May 12, 2020
"If and when life returns to normal — whatever the heck that will mean — this spring or summer, one of the first things I want to do is get on a...
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Garth 1

Cowboy Up He Said... Spring is around the Corner

May 11, 2020
This video was filmed and edited a few years ago when Garth Bundy retired. Garth had a positive impact on me as a young river guide, and then years...
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20200421 124512

Western River Expeditions wasn’t always Western River Expeditions

April 22, 2020
So I've been told... Western River Expeditions wasn’t always Western River Expeditions. In the beginning, it was just one man, Jack Currey,...
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Reading List

Reading List for the River

April 2, 2020
I have been extremely fortunate to have spent almost 600 miles on various rivers with Western River Expeditions. The next planned trip is June 16,...
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Smile in the Face

Our Brains in STOP, YIELD and GO - Building a Sense of Adventure

March 26, 2020
My friend, and former Western River guide, Kyndel Marcroft has made a career of studying the brain in relation to stressful or traumatic situations...
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Grand Canyon Upper Jrig Rapids

Five Boats, Five Stories: J-Rigs, Oar rigs, Paddle rafts, Dories and Duckies in Grand Canyon

March 10, 2020
My first exposure to white water rafting down the grand canyon was as a 17 year old "extra swamper" on a motorized J-Rig raft. Maybe that skews my...
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Grand Canyon Upper Nankoweap Reflection

Grand Canyon Rafting

January 28, 2020
What is the Grand Canyon? If you typed this question into your search engine you would likely get a simple geographical/geological answer stating...
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Brian Merrill Ceo

2019 Year in Review

December 26, 2019
2019 was a tremendous year for Western River Expeditions and the Moab Adventure Center. We had a lot of water in the river, thanks to some heavy...
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Brian Merrill Ceo

Brian's Welcome to Moab, Utah

November 11, 2019
Anyone who has booked their Utah multi-day rafting trip may have already stumbled upon this insightful video from our CEO Brian Merrill on one our...
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