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Expedition Worthy Christmas Shopping Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of adventure? We've curated a list of Christmas shopping ideas that will get you exploring and evoke the spirit of discovery. None of the links below are paid or solicited. Western River Expeditions offers incredible river trips that inspire a love for nature and adventure, and these gift ideas are sure to bring joy to those who appreciate the great outdoors.

Western River Logo Clothing:

Deck out your loved ones in cheesy charter-trip style tee shirts that commemorate your shared adventure, or play it suave with an embroidered Western River logo on your comfortable, moisture-wicking shirts, durable hats, and fleece jackets or duffle bags. Look for items that showcase their love for Western River's iconic locations. Find these available at RedRock Outfitters.

Outdoor Gear Essentials:

Equip your loved ones with top-notch outdoor gear for their next expedition. Carabiners, Sarongs, headlamps and pack towels are easy to get from our RedRock Outfitters store. Get “The Works” for Him or Herin one bundled duffle gift bag with a Western Logo to boot. Consider high-quality sandals, a sturdy drawstring or pocket-packable backpackfor hands-free hiking, or the especially essentialquality rain gear to stay warm and dry. These items not only enhance the adventure experience but also serve as practical gifts for any outing before or after the big expedition down the river.

Fitness and Wellness Subscription:

Perhaps the very best way to maximize your enjoyment of a river rafting trip is to get your body fit for the activities you’ll specifically be doing on the river. One of our long-time guides has created the “River-Fit” program designed specifically for Western River guests. The accountability that comes with a program like this gets you ready just in time for your summer rafting trip. You might also consider gifting fitness trackers or portable workout equipment.

Gift Cards for Outdoor Experiences:

Beyond “stuff” often the very best gift is that of “experiences”, “adventure” and “lifelong memories”. Give the gift of exploring Moab, Utah with a gift card to Moab Adventure Center. With a variety of activities to choose from like ziplining, off-road hummer tours, Arches National Park Tours, and daily rafting trips there is something for every adventurer on your list.

You could also someone a head start on experiencing their Grand Canyon rafting trip of a lifetime with a Western River gift card.

Photography and Filming Equipment:

For the shutterbugs who can't resist snapping up the stunning scenes of Mother Nature, treat them to a top-notch camera or some flashy (get it?)accessories that'll keep their gear snapping, rain, rapids, or shine – because adventurers shouldn’t have to worry about water or dust! These nifty tools will transform their outdoor escapades into a visual fiesta, crafting memories that are practically begging to be flaunted to friends and family. It's not just photography; it's creating a gallery of laughter, awe, and "You won't believe this happened" stories! At Western,we LOVE stories spurred by photographs

Customized Adventure Journal:

Encourage the art of storytelling with a personalized adventure journal. Embossed with their name or a special message, this thoughtful gift allows them to document the details of their Western River Expedition or any other thrilling journeys they embark upon.

Subscription to Audible, Books or Podcasts:

Keep the adventure vibes rolling all year long by snagging a subscription to audiobooks or podcasts – it's like a steady dose of wanderlust! Dive into publications that span the gamut of activities, whether it's conquering the rapids on a river rafting expedition, trekking through the untamed wilderness on a hiking escapade, setting up camp under the stars, or embarking on thrilling wildlife explorations. It's not just reading; it's stepping into a world of endless possibilities and inspiration for your next grand adventure. Check out"Ten Books to Read Before and Visiting the Grand Canyon" for reading recommendations that relate directly to the places traveled by Western River.

Wildlife, Nature and River Map Guidebooks:

Foster a deeper connection with nature by gifting comprehensive wildlife, nature guides and river maps. Whether it's a book on the flora and fauna found along the Colorado River or a guide to stargazing in the Grand Canyon, these resources enhance the appreciation for the environments explored during Western River Expeditions. Many river map publications provide as much in-depth flora, fauna and geological information as you could ever hope to absorb from a river trip. Check out Belknap’s river maps here for Cataract Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

Water Bottle or Tumbler or Unbreakable Stemware:

Hydration is key during outdoor adventures, which is why a high-quality water steel-insulated bottle comes with every Western River trip. But we still recommend bringing your own hiking bottle or collapsible container, coffee tumbler or “unbreakable” stemware for evening sipping - although we’re sure that the term “unbreakable” is a relative term, but it may be worth a try!

In Summary:

This Christmas, celebrate the spirit of adventure and the love for the outdoors by selecting gifts that align with the passions of those who have explored the wonders From practical outdoor gear to personalized mementos, these Christmas shopping ideas are sure to bring joy and excitement to the adventure seekers in your life. Happy holidays and may your next outdoor expedition be filled with wonder and discovery!

Kam Wixom
Kam began guiding in the Grand Canyon in 1991, met & guided with his wife in 2000, and is the proud daddy of 5 kids. He now works as the Marketing Director for Western River Expeditions.
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