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A Western & Moab Adventure Center 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a tremendous year for Western River Expeditions and the Moab Adventure Center.

We had a lot of water in the river, thanks to some heavy snowfalls in the Rocky Mountains this past winter. We had record numbers of guests come and enjoy the backcountry with us. We created amazing stories with each of you. We are growing! We are building a new facility that we are just starting now to move into. It is a new warehouse facility that will be more efficient, allowing us to do the things that we do even better. What I'm most proud of is our employee housing. We've always provided housing for our employees, but we have a new facility where the guides and our seasonal staff can be when they're not at work. We believe that taking care of our people; keeping them healthy, having a good respectful place to live, is key to their happiness. It's key to how well they perform their jobs. We don't want them to be struggling with housing, which can be a problem in a rural community, so we go to great efforts to try to take care of our employees - and that's not just me bragging as a CEO, its cultural that's who we are. It's how I was treated when I came to be a guide here and it and it continues to be important to all of us.

We often refer to ourselves as the "Western River family" and we mean it. We feel that way. We become family for life and 2019 was just another chapter in our family's history that we're going to look back on fondly as one of the best we've ever had.

Looking forward, we're excited about our future. We're excited about the new people that we're going to meet. Folks who are going to come and and enjoy the backcountry with us. We're excited about our new facilities we are looking forward to another great snowfall year this year, which they're predicting. Everything is setting up for a wonderful 2020 and beyond.

We look forward to change. In many ways we've been the same throughout the history of our company. We've maintained consistency of quality and the resources that we enjoy. It's the same Canyon that we've been visiting for years but what we look forward to changing are subtle... it's in the way we do things. We're always looking to improve better ways of communication, better ways of teaching, better equipment that gets invented...

We're always trying to stay on the leading edge of what it means to be a guide and how to operate in these wonderful places where we work. Our greatest joy and gratification comes from sharing these places with you, and seeing them again for the first time, through your eyes.

Brian Merrill Ceo
Brian Merrill, CEO Western River Expeditions and Moab Adventure Center, Guide of guides, and all around happy fella - especially when singing with a guitar in hand.
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