double clickFitting Everything in One Bag: Rafting Survival Kit

Fitting Everything in One Bag: Rafting Survival Kit

The nationwide lockdowns probably put a damper in your enthusiasm as it has prevented most of us from pursuing our travel plans. But instead of sulking and imagining what could have been, you can take this extra time to do further research and prepare, so you can be ready for when your planned adventures finally push through.

If you're planning on going on a rafting adventure, one of the most critical steps you need to take is packing. Doing so allows you to prepare your belongings and have everything you need for the upcoming excursion. But seeing as packing is a mammoth task, you may need some guidance as to how to execute it right. Below are some tips on how to pack for a rafting trip like a pro:

Create a master list.

Gear Junkie highlights the importance of creating a master list of every essential prior to going on a trip. Begin a list either on paper or on your phone, and jot down everything you think you might need and secure. Make sure to keep your list handy on days leading to the trip, so you can easily add items on it as things pop into your head. After the trip, it would help if you saved the list so you'll be ahead of the game for your next adventure.

Secure all the essentials.

Wherever you plan on going rafting, you would need to do lots of research prior to the trip to ensure that you're not missing anything you might need. Ideally, you would need to bring weather-appropriate clothing, swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, and footwear that is suitable for whatever activity you're planning on partaking in. You would also need aqua socks and gloves, as well as other essential items like sunblock, towel, toothbrush, shaving equipment, toiletries, prescription medicine, water bottles, and a flashlight. Here are our recommendations for what to pack to trips to the Grand Canyon:


As well as what to pack for trips to Desolation Canyon:


Find a bag that fits everything and pack your items securely.

Securing all the essentials is one thing, but managing to fit everything into your bag is a whole different thing altogether. You would first need to find a bag that is capable of storing everything you need, and then pack your stuff in such a way that every item is secure, and nothing is bent out of shape. Daydreaming in Paradise recommends investing in packing cubes to keep all your different items organized—they not only reduce the stress of packing and unpacking because everything is in well-designated areas, but they also let you see how much space you have left in your bags, allowing you to maximize the space. However, you must be wary about the size and weight, too. Most airlines allow up to 10 kg or 22 lbs. for carry-on bags. If you keep to this weight, it’s unlikely that you’ll overpack.

Get organized.

If you're finding it hard to fit everything inside a bag, it may be because you're not doing it right. Backpacker notes that it would help if you first organized everything you're going to bring before you start arranging it in your bag. That way, you can see everything and quickly identify what's missing and what may not be needed. And if you want to pack light, a good tip would be to make a game out of reducing your luggage. Challenge yourself to nix at least three items from your piles. As an extra challenge, dump one more item before you leave for the trip. Just make sure you don't accidentally get rid of something you actually need!

By following the tips above, you'll get to go on the trip equipped with all your essentials. As we all know, the true mark of an adventurer is being prepared for anything.

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