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Travel Planning Resources - Cataract Canyon Express 2 Day

Anticipating your vacation can be almost as much fun as doing it! But planning the logistics, maybe not as much. We've tried to take the pain out of that by thinking ahead for you! Use this page, and the linked resources to line up all the necessary parts. Along with that, we hope you can plan to stay and play in Moab a little longer than just your planned river trip days. There's just so much to do here, it would be a shame to not plan it into your schedule as you are here. We'll help!

Marriott Room in Moab

The Minimum Stay »

1 Night Before - Plan to arrive at least the day before your rafting trip because departure times are early the next morning.

1 Night After - Plan to stay at least one night AFTER your river trip. Here's why: a shower. Rafting expeditions change your perspective, which is both exhausting AND refreshing, but so is the fresh shower and night's rest you'll get upon your return to Moab!

Hummer Safari Hells Revenge

Making the Most of Your Moab Stay »

Add 1 or 2 days before or after - You may be surprised at how much more you can pack into your Moab vacation by adding just one or two days before or after your river trip. We are talking brag-worthy, adventure-extending itinerary additions like Arches National Park (that gives you two National Parks in one trip), Hell's Revenge 4x4 Hummer Safari, Canyoneering into hidden grottoes, hot air ballooning...
See our recommendations below for the Cataract Canyon 2 Day Trip

Book your Lodging »

Marriott in Moab

Lodging in Moab has been increasingly difficult as more folks realize how cool this place is. Fortunately, we have struck a deal with the Marriott SpringHill Suites to block rooms at a Western River discounted rate.

Your Cataract Canyon 2 Day Express trip meets at 7:30 AM in the lobby of the SpringHill Suites the morning of your trip.

Book Your Room(s)

Getting to Moab, Utah »

Cataract Express

Use our "Getting to Moab" page to review your travel options.
Inside tip: if you use Canyonlands Jeep & Car Rental (Moab Airport) you can leave your car at the Marriott during the river portion of your trip and pick the contract up again upon return.

Getting to Moab

Things to Do in Moab »

Arches National Parks

Use the "Things to Do in Moab" page to explore the possibilities in Moab. Adding one or two more days to your stay and pack in so many more brag-worthy adventures to your itinerary!

Adventures in Moab

Top Recommendations to Add to Your River Trip

Guided Bus Tour Arches National Park

Arches National Park »

Arches National Park is just three minutes from the Marriott Hotel. You can drive yourself, or take a guided bus tour that will maximize your time (AM and PM departures). In most cases, you can be picked up right from your hotel.

Depending on your flight times in or out of Moab, you may be able to add this without adding an extra night of lodging.

Hummer Safari Hells Revenge Trail

Sunset Hummer Safari »

You may be able to book the "Sunset Safari" the evening before your rafting trip, depending on your arrival time in Moab.

Canyoneering in Ephedra's Grotto

Canyoneering »

Morning or afternoon departures take you deep into the landscape, literally. It's a half-day commitment, but worth the bragging rights, for sure. Imagine rappelling into a hidden grotto and then off a giant rock arch. The hike out is a delight by its own right.

Hot Air Ballooning in Moab

​ Hot Air Ballooning »

The early morning start of these 3 hour balloon adventures may allow time to grab an afternoon (fixed-wing) flight out of town from the Moab airport.

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