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Utah's Cataract Canyon:
Grand Canyon's Younger Sister
Cataract Canyon is just upstream from Grand Canyon

Cataract Canyon: The Best Alternative to a Grand Canyon Rafting Vacation

Think there's nothing quite like Grand Canyon? Think again.

Utah's Cataract Canyon, deep within Canyonlands National Park is near enough in scale, appearance and proximity to the Grand Canyon that it works the same kind of magic you can find in the Grand herself. That's right, Cataract Canyon, just one canyon upstream on the Colorado River in the Canyonlands of Utah is hands down the best alternative to a Grand Canyon rafting vacation.

Trade in the days you'd spend on the river in the Grand Canyon for a few days of adventure activities like rappelling, canyoneering, biking, hiking, and 4x4ing the twisted landscape surrounding Moab, Utah - the undisputed adventure capital of the West. It's a worthy trade, it's just an entirely different kind of vacation experience - added onto 4 days in Cataract Canyon.

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Cataract Canyon Huge Wave

Rapids on the Colorado »

Only Cataract Canyon can claim rapids that rival the impact, ride and size of those found in Grand Canyon... Ever heard of "The Big Drops"? Cataract Canyon is always an epic whitewater adventure whether on a J-Rig, Oar-Rig, or Paddle Raft.

Cataract Canyon Grand Scenery

Canyon Sisters »

Think of Cataract Canyon and the Grand Canyon as sisters, nearly identical in looks. Cataract Canyon is the younger of the two, made of an entirely different epoch of red rock sandstones. As sisters, the two canyons have distinct personalities, but share many common traits.

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Moab, Utah - Truly Unique »

Moab, Utah is quickly becoming a world-recognized travel destination. We've done some thinking: there really isn't anything in this world quite like Moab, Utah!

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Flight over Canyonlands N.P. is included

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Did we mention that a return flight over Canyonlands National Park to Moab is included in the trip?

Cataract Canyon 4 Day