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Utah Rafting
Cataract Canyon Classic
Paddle Raft in later season of Cataract Canyon

A Quiver of Rafts

Regardless of water levels, the whitewater rapids in Cataract Canyon are very fun and challenging.

In higher flows of spring runoff, the waves become monstrously large. During this time of year, Western River uses J-Rig rafts that were built for, and match the size of the larger waves.

Once the slopes of Wyoming and Colorado have released the bulk of their winter snow, Western sizes down to Oar-rigs and Paddle Rafts to match the ride to the waves. This switch of rafts generally occurs in late June or early July and continues through the summer season.

The Ultimate Cataract Canyon Raft

Western River Expeditions created the "J-Rig" specifically for the big water of the Colorado River and the longer expeditions of the Grand and Cataract Canyons. This raft offers one of the most comfortable rides on a Cataract Canyon whitewater rafting trip. You'll find plenty of space to stretch out and relax in the calm sections of the river and one of the most exciting rides in the whitewater stretches. With plenty of seat positions to choose from, you can decide whether you'll ride up front for more action or further back for a calmer experience.

Infographic of Western's J-Rig Raft

Western's Oar Rig

Western's Paddle Raft

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