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Desolation Canyon 5 Day Trip

Desolation Canyon, Green River Rafting Reviews

"This has been a great trip. I'd like to get our own children out here...maybe one day get our grandchildren out here. Last summer we were apprehensive about doing it. Now it's in my blood, it's in her blood. We'll definitely be back. You've just got to get out here and experience it for yourself."

Desolation Canyon, Green River 5 Day Trip Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 2136 customer reviews


Pure Magic

Wolfgange & Peter - Vienna, Austria

If you have not yet made the Desolation Canyon, Green River Trip with Western River Expeditions you cannot have enjoyed the best holidays of your life. The indescribable beauty of the canyons, our wonderful guides, the kindness of the other guests, the perfect organization of the trip and - last but not least - the fantastic meals. "An experience of a lifetime" promises the brochure of Western River. This is just half the truth, because the reality is pure magic.


Had a ball!

Suze - Utah, USA

We booked a last-minute 5 day trip on the Green and HAD A BALL!!! We had wonderful weather with an awe inspiring thunderstorm the first night and a star show every other night. The equipment Western provides is first class, and a really wonderful feature is cots to sleep on rather than a pad on the ground. For a person like me with a bad back, I would have carted a cot along with me on any trip, but Western provided it all for us!


Class Act

Anthony - California, USA

Another delightful trip with Western River... but our first kayaking white water and we are hooked! Western is such a class act... the guides go out of their way to make the trip a great experience whether 7 or 70. Though I'm a senior, petite female, they made sure my trip was all it could be.


I had doubts - but had the most fun of my life!

Katy - Virginia, USA

I am a 15 year old girl and I had doubts about doing a rafting trip for 5 days in the middle of nowhere without the comforts of home like a toilet etc. I came out of the trip crying because I had the most fun of my life!!!


Extremely pleased

Donald - Louisiana, USA

The staff at Western River are trained well and understand, completely, the importance of customer service. One member of our party is an adrenaline junkie and at 73 has traveled widely. He put this trip on his list of top ten adventures and was extremely pleased with every aspect of the trip. Everyone in our party shared his view!!! In fact, we will probably do your Grand Canyon trip next year....enough said about your service and our experience and desire to book another trip in the immediate future. The best compliment is another booking.


Trip of a lifetime!

Elizabeth - Alabama, USA

I loved receiving the emails with information. They were a real help for this "first-timer". No one could ask for better guides than Mikell, Tiff,, Ally and Daniel. They knew what they were doing and went out of their way to help us. I was ready to wash my clothes and start all over the following week. The food was delicious with great variety. This was a trip of a lifetime!


Felt Safe!

Susan - Massachusetts, USA

Great guides, and strong leaders. Also felt safe. Noticed great community of people. Loved the light touches of history which added a lot to my trip. I loved the kayaking option. Daniel added a lot to the trip. Thank you for offering this class 2-3 level trip - my daughter enjoyed it without getting scared.


Above and Beyond

Judy - Illinois, USA

Guides were outstanding, way above and beyond the call of duty.



Michael - Colorado, USA

I couldn't be more impressed with our guides on the Green River/Desolation Canyon trip. They were exceptionally friendly and helpful throughout the trip. They proved to be professional, energetic, enthusiastic, and extremely competent, as well as being outstanding role models for all of the kids on the trip. You have some exceptional young people working for your company and I look forward to recommending Western to friends and family in the future. Great job Tiffany, Jayce, Ryan, and Brian! Best.


Right on

Mark - Kansas, USA

Guides were incredible, hard-working, personable, and strong point to a Western trip. Equipment, preparation, guides, etc. were right on.


Amazing experience

Alyssa - Utah, USA

I loved all of the guides. It was amazing to see how hard they worked. They truly made the trip an amazing experience!


Best trip ever

Bruce - Colorado, USA

We really appreciated the packing list. We didn't need a single thing that wasn't on that list. Tory and Russell were hard-working, energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, and safety oriented with a big dash of fun. They always made an extra effort to make sure each of our children felt special, and engaged in the trip. Two truly wonderful individuals. Desolation Canyon is filled with so much historical and natural beauty. We have been on family trips to exotic places all over the world, and our children felt this was the best trip ever.



Annette - Washington, USA

The guides were amazing- hard working, energetic, upbeat, safety conscious, and big hearts.


Very Impressive!

Gregory - Illinois, USA

Chris, Russell, Tif, Tory and Amy were awesome!!! They are knowledgeable, attentive and very professional. We couldn't have asked for a better group of guides. Very impressive!!


Enthusiasm was contagious!

Kate - Montana, USA

Taylor, Drew, Cade and Steve were awesome! They worked together very well as a team and obviously enjoyed what they were doing. Their enthusiasm was contagious!



Hunter - Louisiana, USA

Mickey and Ben were amazing. Gracious, knowledgeable, personable. If I go again or send someone else I will recommend them.


Best all around river trip

Leslie - Utah, USA

The Desolation Canyon (Green River) trip is probably one of the best all around river trips I have ever experienced! It has something for everyone, rapids, calm water, hikes and scenery. I would highly recommend this trip to any and everyone no matter their age.


Lifetime of memories

William - California, USA

The information, photos and video on the Western River web site helped inspire me to book my 5-day Green River rafting adventure. Expected itinerary, conditions and weather were helpful in planning. The suggested packing list was accurate as well. The information, photos and video on the Western River web site helped inspire me to book my 5-day rafting adventure. I took this trip with my 26 and 28 year-old sons. It was a wonderful experience that provided a lifetime of memories.


Best vacation ever!

Vanessa - Florida, USA

Best vacation ever! I would highly recommend this trip and your company. I cannot express how wonderful all the guides were. They made the trip great!



Kim - Massachusetts, USA

Our reservation experience was fantastic!!! Best guides ever!!! Mikel, Tori, Tiff, Chris and Quinn. Really impressed with each one!!!