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Grand Canyon
3 Day Expedition

Grand Canyon River Trip Reviews

"Certainly it surpassed our expectations. It's a completely different experience from seeing the Grand Canyon at the top. I felt to be basically back to the beginning of earth because the Grand Canyon is so old, billions of years... we are insignificant... we get wound up in these little problems in life, but down here we realize how unimportant all those things are."

Grand Canyon 3 Day River Trip Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 2092 customer reviews


Unforgettable birthday present

Jacqui - England

This trip was to celebrate my 50th birthday, which it did in style. From start to finish the trip was brilliantly organised with fantastic food and terrific guides. A special thanks to Grace, Tom Newman and JD who ensured it was a trip of a life time. We'll be back!


Look forward to next trip

Carroll - New York

From start to finish, one of the best trip/vacations Pam and I ever had. Many thanks to Greg Newton and his wife, Lee, Steve Wiley and Casey....We look forward to booking with them for the 6/7 day trip in May next year...Maybe I'll bring my guitar then.


My whole family loved the trip!

David - Arizona

Most fantastic whitewater experience anyone could want to have. Rapids that are both exhilarating but safe to ride on. The crew was awesome at their jobs and some of the best food you could ever want on a trip like this. Personal shout out and thanks to all who went on the first 3 days trip of the year with myself and my family.


Do it!!!

Steve - Florida

Trip was incredible. Everyone should experience Grand Canyon by raft.


I keep coming back

Dean - Missouri

This was my 3rd Western River Grand Canyon trip. Nothing has changed with regard to the excellence of Western River in all phases of this adventure. Planning, guides, equipment, gear & food. Of course, the canyon never disappoints. Despite these 3 trips I have never been able to describe it adequately to anyone. It must be experienced. Then it is yours to savor forever. It is an emotional and jaw dropping, awe inspiring experience and will make you a better, stronger person for having made the decision to do it. I strongly recommend this trip to anyone and particularly via Western River, of course.


You won't be disappointed

Aaron - Tennessee

Where do I begin??? I had high expectations going into this trip and unlike many vacations you don't always say that your expectations were meet. With this trip I can say that all my expectations were meet and then some. I was quickly amazed with one after another beautiful panoromic photo opportunities with every bend in the river. At night laying there staring up at the sky to see all the stars and shooting stars was amazing. Our guides John and Latimer took great care of us and were fantastic cooks. All in all without question one of the best trips of my life and I will do it again someday. I would recommend this trip to anyone that has an interest. You won't be disappointed.....


I can't explain it!

Krista - Utah

I'm running out of adjectives to describe our experience on this trip. Fabulous, incredible, amazing, fantastic. We had terrific guides. Ben, Jeremy, Shad & Shadrach took such good care of us. We certainly got the best crew. That's why Western is the best. If only we could do this every year!


Trip was very organized

Ronald - New Jersey

The trip was very organized. The food was excellent. The guides on our raft were very very good. Ben the guide and Chad the assistant. Made the trip more interesting and fun.


The river changes you

Kathryn - North Carolina

This trip was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. My sister and I went to celebrate her 50th birthday and left our husbands at home. The river changes you. It humbles you, it emboldens you, it makes you feel insignificant and it makes you feel you can do anything. Truly wonderful!