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Lower Salmon River

Lower Salmon River Pictures- Experience It!

The lower end of the Salmon River is especially fun with the younger kids. You can just see the "family magic" in some of the photos within the gallery. Browse the gallery, then book a trip!

How to Take Beautiful Pictures on the Lower Salmon River

Good photos are easy to take in places that surround you with beauty. But being prepared with the right equipment, knowing how to protect it, and have it ready when you need that one shot are some of the more difficult aspects of taking great shots.

Beyond the technical aspects, you should always frame your shots with the idea of telling a story. Think of how you will use that shot in your album, and how you might have to describe to a friend at home what the shot is about. Not every photo will well the story on its own, but there should be a clearly identifiable subject in each photo - a focal point. It's a temptation to take a wide shot in a big setting like the lower Salmon River to be sure and capture the whole picture. Take that wide shot, but don't be afraid to zoom in and crop out the clutter. Focus on the things that tell the story. Everyone will emerge from the trip with an entirely different album!

It's important to know what type of camera to bring, and how to protect it. This video has several handy tips for taking great pictures and caring for your camera in these environments that can be fairly harsh on electronic equipment.