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Idaho Rafting
Lower Salmon River
Boats on the Lower Salmon River

Types of River Rafts on the Lower Salmon

The types of rafts and boats you'll be using on your Lower Salmon River expedition are explained in detail below. The ride and adventure level vary between the oar-rig, the paddle raft, and the inflatable kayak. Each one offers a very unique experience.

The rapids of the lower Salmon River are class I-III and therefore a little more playful and friendly than in many other multi-day expeditions. The rapids here are also spaced nicely apart from each other to add excitement throughout each day, and throughout the trip. This really is the best place to take the entire family (from ages 5 and above) on a kid-friendly rafting trip!

The Oar Rig

Oar-Rigs are 16', self-bailing rafts piloted by your guide, and therefore less "participatory" than other boats. All you have to do is hang on!

Oar rigs are used on the lower Salmon River

The Paddle Raft

Paddle Rafts get you in the action of the rapids as a participant. A skilled guide steers from the back of the raft, but propulsion depends on you. Your guide will give clear orders on how to paddle, so it's easy to learn quickly. Paddle rafts are 14' in length and will hold 4 to 6 guests.

Paddle rafts are used on the lower Salmon River

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable Kayak are exciting, every time! Follow the other boats through each rapid. Steering and propulsion all depend on you with an inflatable kayak! These rafts are 11 - 13' long and carry one or two people.

Inflatable Kayaks are used on the lower Salmon River
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