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People don’t take trips… trips take people. ~John Steinbeck

Grand Canyon Vacations

This photo was taken in September 2013 below the Anasazi granaries at Nankoweap after our first small hike of the trip.

Having lived in and around large cities our whole lives we wanted to embark on an outdoor adventure. Our go big or go home attitudes pointed us in the direction of camping in the Grand Canyon for a week. The trip was more than we could have hoped for.

The Canyon provided beautiful views, peace and tranquility, big waves, and new friends. It will teach you about yourself and the human spirit as you venture billions of years into the earth with friends and strangers. It was an experience that cannot be captured by a single picture or a 1000 pictures, but one that will be remembered forever – and one that will hopefully be taken again.

Lauren – Pennsylvania

Grand Canyon Vacations – 6 or 7 Day

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