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Grand Canyon
6 or 7 Day Rafting Vacation

Grand Canyon Vacation Reviews

"What has taken place in the last week has been nothing short of phenomenal. The crew at Western River has been spectacular. Great service, very professional. An amazing adventure with a majestic destination."

Grand Canyon 6 and 7 Day Vacation Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 2092 customer reviews


The Most Enriching Travel Experience

Ann - Texas

In 1957, I saw the Grand Canyon from the rim and swore I'd come back and see the canyon from the river. This was the most glorious and enriching of all my travel experiences. As I gazed in awe at the walls, I frequently realized I was humming: How Great Thou Art.


It wasn't long enough!

Zabrina - Washington DC

Potentially my favorite vacation. And I've been around.... Everything ran smoothly. Absolutely zero complaints about anything. Except that it wasn't long enough. I was genuinely depressed after leaving the canyon.


First class – all the way!

Peter - Singapore

The whole Grand Canyon rafting trip and experience was first class and exceeded my expectations in every facet. The food was excellent and a real surprise on a trip such as this. Western River Expeditions has my unqualified recommendation and I will be back for another trip.


Make a Reservation as Soon as You Can!

Larry - Canada

My recommendation to anyone who asks about my Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip - "Go to the website, look at the pics, read the info and make a reservation as soon as you can!" I couldn't imagine or think of anything that could have gone any better! Well done!


Still Smiling...

Lynn - Colorado

The guides on my Grand Canyon trip were truly amazing in many ways. They performed their extremely rigorous job with great skill, style and humor. The entire trip was unbelievable! It's going to be a while before my knowing little smile leaves my face.


Trip of a Lifetime!

Charlie - Oregon

This Grand Canyon rafting experience is a trip of a lifetime. I could not be more pleased with the staff and equipment Western River provided. Having seen the other companies on the water, I truly found my choice was the best choice.


Unmatched Beauty

Michael - Massachusetts

Unmatched beauty that is hard to put into words. You need to experience it with WESTERN!!! I must admit to being sore and tired in the end...haven't worked out some of those muscles in years.....but can't beat sleeping under the stars and a different view with each turn through the canyon. Enjoyed meeting fellow "river runners" who were looking out for each other and funny. Can't beat a canyon wall movie/puppet show!


Best Way to Experience Grand Canyon

William - Virginia

The office staff was exceptionally responsive and friendly; answered our every question and concern. I couldn't have asked for a better experience - trip was fantastic. Being on the river was definitely the best way to experience the Grand Canyon.


Absolutely Wonderful

Betsy - Maryland

Our Grand Canyon river guides were absolutely wonderful. They had a terrific professional manner that commanded respect (and, on occasion, obedience) without being overbearing or losing their sense of humor. Everyone on the trip marveled that they did so many things well: pilot the boat, of course; manage logistics (apparently) effortlessly; cook divine meals; and recount history and river lore entertainingly (especially the bedtime stories). One of my lasting memories will be going through Sockdolager rapid, when one of the passengers lost his grip, and the guide came flying over the mound of day bags and the buckboard, landing on his feet at the front of the boat mid-rapid and hauling Shane to safety. Thanks, guys, for a great trip!


Well Worth the Cost!

Kathy-Jane - Newfoundland

The boat crew were outstanding in terms of skill, service, attitude and cooking. They were top notch. You are so fortunate to have staff that can build your world class brand. I was impressed with their competence and commitment. The food was amazing. The entire trip was amazing. There is nothing I could even slightly criticize. Well worth the cost. Really....I can't say enough good. It was a trip of a lifetime.


Didn't Want to Leave

Lindsey - Alabama

This was the best vacation I have ever been on and I didn't want to leave. I wanted to ask if I could start training immediately and join the team. I will definitely be coming back again and again with Western and hopefully recruiting some friends to join the adventure.


I Want to Come Back!

Jonathan - Wisconsin

Seriously the best vacation experience I have ever been on. Im pretty well traveled, and have done a lot, and I can honestly say this Grand Canyon rafting experience with Western River Expeditions was the best trip I have ever done! I miss sleeping in the sand, the amazing meals, getting dominated by the rapids, all the side excursions, pterodactyl, cowboy coffee, and all the amazing people I met. I want to come back!


Something for Everyone

Sue - Arizona

Our rafting guides were thorough in health and safety precautions, quick to make intelligent decisions, witty, creative, helpful, and yet able to make us self-reliant and confident... all skills of the very best guides possible. Whatever the best rating you give...they deserve it. And they are very good cooks to boot! There was something for everyone. The Grand Canyon white water was thrilling, but the side trips were outstanding as well. Every moment was beautiful, including the outdoor groover location selections. It was nice to have a woman along as a guide and example for climbing, etc.


Can I Rate This Six Stars?

Daniel - California

There should be another bubble above excellent. From getting to and from the river(so smooth) to the incredible guides Shad, Kurt, Gracie, and RD. They knew our names by day two, making eye contact with everyone personalized the trip for all of us there. Super energetic, never missed a beat. The Grand Canyon is amazing and requires a grand group of guides to show/tell its story. Which y'all have done with flying colors. Will recommend WRE to everyone. Totally worth it all.


Guides, Food, Rapids, River...Magnificent!

Rosalie - Wisconsin

Where do we begin? Our guides exhibited such skill in riding the river, knowledge of the geology, flora and fauna of the canyon, and river lore. And such cooks! Couldn't believe the great meals each day. But most of all we appreciated their upbeat attitudes, kindnesses, and attention to safety. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. We had high expectations, and they were exceeded in every way. The guides, the food, the rapids, the river, the canyon and our fellow travelers contributed to a magnificent experience!