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What I Took Away From This Trip Was Greater Than I Ever Expected

Fun Adventure in the Grand CanyonI wanted to express my thanks to all of you for being so helpful and kind to me this week. I came on this whitewater rafting trip looking forward to a fun adventure, learning more photography skills, and being outdoors which I truly love. What I took away from this trip was greater than I ever expected. 

The journey through the Grand Canyon impacted me so much more than I could ever have imagined. Our first day leaving Marble Canyon I thought the trip might be a little long. Within hours of setting out I knew that it wouldn’t be enough time for me. The words that Ed wrote resonated deeply with me. I did not even have a clue how to describe how deeply moving this trip has been for me. I loved the starry nights and had a great deal of time to marvel at the beauty of the night sky and every shooting star was a little extra gift. Even though I was physically tired at the end of every day, my mind was rested and the beauty around me made it difficult to close my eyes at night. I didn’t want to miss one second of anything. 

I wasn’t ready to leave the river. The end of the trip came too fast. In my life working as a chemotherapy nurse I become very attached to people that I always have to say goodbye too. I experience a lot of loss on a regular basis but the people I meet and care for make that loss bearable. I became so attached to many of you on this trip that I didn’t want to say goodbye. I felt a deep sense of loss in having to say goodbye to all of you after this amazing journey. I cried on the bus going back to the hotel and was hoping no one would notice. I was glad when I slipped on the astroturf and fell so I could laugh and stop crying. Meeting all of you and spending close time together was a gift I will cherish always. 

I enjoyed hearing everyone share at the last evening together. I hate saying goodbye and I watched each person leave until I had no choice but to also say my own goodbyes.

I know that Mark and Gary worked incredibly hard on this trip and I will be forever grateful for the time they both spent making this experience one of the best times in my life.

I too, will be forever changed by this experience.

And I went to bed with a little giggle last night picturing Mark’s red headlamp pointed towards the night sky as he slept.

Rhonda – CA
Arizona – Grand Canyon 7 Day Expedition


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