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Main Salmon River
A young one trying the oars

Types of River Rafts on the Main Salmon River

The types of rafts and boats you'll be using on your Main Salmon River expedition are explained in detail below. The ride and adventure level varies between the Oar-Rig, the Paddle Raft, and the Inflatable Kayak. Each one offers a very unique experience.

The rapids of the Main Salmon River are class II-IV and therefore can be little more powerful and exciting than in some other multi-day expeditions, especially earlier in the season. The rapids here are also spaced nicely apart from each other to add excitement throughout each day, and throughout the trip.

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Oar Rig

Oar rig on the Green River, Desolation Canyon
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Paddle Raft

Paddle raft in Westwater Canyon
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Inflatable Kayak

Duckie on the Green River