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Western's Photo Sharing Site: INSTRUCTIONS

To help you preserve your memories of your Western River Expedition, we've created a special Shutterfly website where you can view photos from your trip, contribute photos to your shared trip album, download images, print pictures, create photo books and more. Accounts are free and should take less than a minute to create.

Shutterfly Instruction 1

Step 1: Create Your Free Account »

Sign up for your free Shutterfly account, or if you already have a Shutterfly account, use the login for your existing account. Find the login/sign-up in the upper right corner of our 2022 SHARE SITE, as shown.

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Shutterfly Instruction 2

Step 2: Find Your Trip Album »

Find your album sorted by month, trip title, trip start date, and finally by your trip leader's name.



Shutterfly Instruction 3

Step 3: Upload Your Photos »

Upload pictures to your album, by selecting the "add pictures" link on the right of the screen and choose the "upload" tab on the top of the window.

Then browse to the pictures saved on your computer, select your best photos, and click "upload."

If you've already uploaded trip photos to your Shutterfly account, simply find them in your account "Recent albums" folder in the Shutterfly window, select the images you want, and add them to your trip album.

Note: »

Please note that the images uploaded to Western's Shutterfly site can be downloaded by others and may be used for marketing purposes by Western River Expeditions.

Questions? Consult the Shutterfly Support page with technical questions about working with digital photos on Shutterfly, or ordering and creating photo books.

We can help you with non-technical questions about our photo sharing page, or locating your trip album. We're glad to help as we can!

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