double click232 Mile Rapids - Also Known as Honeymoon Rapid
Grand Canyon
3 Day Expedition

Mile 232 - 232 Mile Rapids

Sometimes called Honeymoon Rapid, or Fang Falls for the picket-fence-like row of igneous and metamorphic rocks that protrude into mid-current at low flows. It seems most likely that Glen and Bessie Hyde perished here in late November or early December 1928. The Hydes, recently married, launched together in a “sweep scow” from Green River, Utah on October 20th. Once in the depths of Grand Canyon the Hyde’s hiked out to the South Rim and stayed with Emery Kolb. Kolb insisted the couple take lifejackets for the remainder of their trip, but Glen refused. The couple was last seen at the base of the Hermit Trail. When the couple did not reach Needles, California at their predetermined date, Glen’s father organized an extensive search party. The Kolb Brothers launched a boat from Diamond Creek and found the scow devoid of it’s occupants, floating in an eddy around Mile 237. The bowline was caught on something, keeping the boat in place. Upon inspection, nothing seemed to be missing from the scow except for the Hydes. Bessie’s journal was discovered along with other belongings and supplies, the last entry was marked November 30. The Kolb’s cut the bowline, an act they were later criticized for. The Hyde’s remains have never been found, and the mystery of their disappearance and probable deaths in the canyon remain unsolved.

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The upper Grand Canyon, as traveled by Western's 6 or 7 day expedition begins at Lees Ferry (mile 0) and finishes at Whitmore Wash (mile 188)

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