double clickTravertine Falls and Grotto - A Unique Grotto Hike in the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
3 Day Expedition
Travertine Falls and Grotto

Mile 229 - Travertine Falls and Grotto

The clear and refreshing waters of Travertine are always a welcome experience for river runners. After an initial cool-off in the creek and falls, for those who are up for it, a scramble with a little help from ropes and ladders, leads hikers into a magical grotto. Once in the grotto, there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the marvelous spring water and stand under a waterfall as well, which cascades down from the top of the grotto. Take extra caution on the hike down, as it is easy to make a misstep.

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The upper Grand Canyon, as traveled by Western's 6 or 7 day expedition begins at Lees Ferry (mile 0) and finishes at Whitmore Wash (mile 188)

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