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Grand Canyon
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Lee's Ferry sunrise

Mile 4.5 - Navajo Bridge & Marble Canyon Bridge

After construction completed in 1929, Navajo Bridge became an important link between Utah and Arizona. The bridge replaced the often unreliable and accident prone ferry 4.5 miles upstream. The bridge towers 467 feet above river level.

Grand Canyon Upper Bridges

Marble Canyon Bridge »

During the 1990s, a second structure called Marble Canyon Bridge was modeled after the historic Navajo Bridge and built 330 feet downstream from it. This newer bridge accommodates vehicle traffic, while the older one is reserved for foot traffic only. These bridges, with the exception of the Hualapai Skywalk at mile 266, are the most pronounced man-made features in the canyon corridor between Lee’s Ferry and Pearce Ferry.

Lower Gorge Grand Canyon

Lower Grand Canyon Mile by Mile »

The lower Grand Canyon, as traveled by Western's 3 or 4 day expedition begins at Whitmore Wash (mile 188) and finishes at Lake Mead (mile 277).

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